Energy Saving Tip: Update Your Light Bulbs

In the last several months, I have almost converted my whole house to CFL (Compact Florescent Bulbs). This all started by not having enough light down in my basement and trying to save money on the energy bill. My wife likes to do scrap-booking during her free time and always had trouble having enough light to see what she was trying to create. I heard about the new CFL bulbs and went to the local hardware store and bought 4 CFL flood lights. After installing the new bulbs I flipped the switch to turn them on and after a brief pause the lights turned on but were not as bright as I thought they would be. I thought something was wrong and by the time I went to look at the directions I could tell it was starting to get brighter. After about 5 minutes I felt like there were 4 spot lights on in the basement; man are they bright!

After enjoying the lights in the basement for about 2 weeks, I thought it would be a good idea to install 6 more (CFL) flood lights in the living room. This is when I learned a lesson in the differences in the new bulbs. After installing the new bulbs for the living room, I noticed that they were bright but had a “blue-ish” tint. My wife did not like this at all. The next day I went back to the store and learned that the bulbs are based on a (k) Kelvin rating. I bought the highest rating (6500) which puts off a blue tint to simulate “daylight”. What I needed to match all of the other bulbs in the house was a lower (k) rating like 2700, to give a yellow tint to the light. After installing the lower Kelvin rated bulbs, they were a perfect match.

From wanting more light in the basement, to realizing how much wattage I could be saving a month, I have almost converted the whole house to these new bulbs. The ultimate test was to look at the electrical bill. It finally arrived after 90 percent of the house had been using these bulbs for a full month and I noticed a significant difference. Our energy bill had dropped $40 dollars! Certainly money well spent!

Would you try using CFL bulbs if you knew they would save you money in the long run?