Is an Indoor Air Purification System Worth the Investment?

The short answer to that question is I don’t know but I am going to find out. On 12/1/10 I had an air purifier installed into my existing HVAC system. This was a big investment for me because I suffer from asthma and bad allergies (who doesn’t have allergies living in Lubbock.) I currently have 3 prescriptions that help me deal with asthma and allergies, and it gets very expensive and frustrating going to the pharmacy to get prescriptions to help me breathe better. So, I finally broke down and bought a serious indoor air purification system and I wanted to document this to see if this “Perfect Air Purifier” does what it claims it will. Here are some pictures from the install.

I installed the The Perfect Air Purifier and this purifier provides efficient removal of airborne pollutants by keeping your system operating cleaner than ever before. It uses patented germicidal technology to capture and kill airborne pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and mold. All you have to do is change the filter! Usually the homeowner only has to change this filter once a year! It’s not like the conventional 1″ filters that have to be replaced monthly. This 4″ pleated filter has a MERV 15 rating! A MERV of 15 means that this filter can catch the smallest of particles, which means you are not breathing them. The Perfect Air Purifier is ideal for home-owners with allergy concerns and those sensitive to the effects of pollen, pets, and more. At this time of year in West Texas the air quality in this area is very poor. If you would like a demonstration or estimate of The Perfect Air Purifier let me know by commenting or schedule a estimate.