Commercial HVAC Controls: LonMark Technology

Sinclair Heating Cooling & Plumbing is excited to announce that we have aLonMarkCertified Professional on staff (Me)! What that means to you is that I can help you save money. I can do this by controlling what your building HVAC system demands are along with other things like lighting. Having an intelligent control system based on LonMark certified devices is key in obtaining money saving strategies. Ask me how?

LonMark is the company that has developed the international standards to make sure that devices will work together in an integrated control environment. Basically, if you already have a control system in your business or building that runs on BACnet, Modbus, LonMark, etc… LonMark has made it possible to tie-in to those applications. Or, I can help create a LonMark network from scratch for you and your building.

Facts straight from LonMark International :

-Having an intelligent control system following a LonMark specification has been shown to save upwards of 30% annually in energy costs over a non-integrated, non-intelligent control system. Wow!

-With continuous commissioning and implementation strategies, this number (30% savings) increases even more!

-LonMark systems allow for future expansion and adaptation without changing architectures, without being locked into a single provider, and allow for fair competitive bidding on the initial install and future projects.

This is a new venture for Sinclair HVAC & Plumbing and I am excited about these new opportunities. Would you like to save money with your commercial buildings high energy bills? Have questions? Need more information? Please send me a comment below.