Home HVAC Air Filters: What’s the Big Deal?

Why Is It so Important to Keep My Air Filter(s) Clean?

This is a common problem that most people do not know how to deal with and I am asked about frequently. Clean air filters are one of the most important and cost effective ways to keep your HVAC system working properly. Keeping the air filter(s) clean in you home has many benefits such as:

Clean indoor coil

Cleaner air to breathe

Less dust in the house (Great if you live in Lubbock!)

Heating and Cooling system works more efficiently

If you are diligent about changing the filter in your HVAC system then you will likely extend the life of your system.

What Kind of Filter Should I Buy?

There are several different types of filters that you can buy for your home: regular card-board media filters, pleated filters, and air purifying filters. The quality of an HVAC filter starts at the card-board media filter with the air purifying filter being the best. The cost for the different types of filters changes dramatically if you go from a media throw-away to a Bryant Perfect Air Purifier. (FYI: The Bryant PAP filter only has to be changed about once a year). The choice is up to you because it depends on how much money you want to spend. A good question to ask is, “how clean do I want the air I am breathing?”

How Do I Change My Filter?

This depends on were your filter(s) are located. If your filter is not located at the furnace or air handler, then you may have filter grills. A filter grill would be located throughout your home on the ceiling or on the lower part of a wall. They work the same way as a filter located in your furnace, but the filter is inside of a filter grill instead of inside the unit. If you have a filter grill then you might need a ladder and a small screw driver. All you have to do is unlatch the two tabs that are holding the grill in place. TIP: Leave your HVAC fan running so the filter(s) don’t fall out. Slowly lower the grill and remove the old filter. Add the new one and you are through. The video below goes into more detail…