Helpful Air Conditioning and Plumbing Links

Having and educated customer base is one of my goals in writing blogs. I have put together some helpful air conditioning and plumbing links that will help you to be educated about your air conditioning system and plumbing equipment. All you have to do is click on the highlighted links and read the articles by other bloggers.

Troubleshooting Air Conditioners
by HVAC Maintenance & Supplies

Before you call a air conditioning service repair man to check your air conditioner that’s not cooling you may want to check some of these possible causes. First and most obvious is to be sure your system’s air filter is not restricted.

Air Conditioners: Some Cool Facts To Know
by AirCon 365

Air conditioning is one of the most important inventions for mankind. These units work towards providing the best of cooling during summers.

Tankless Water Heaters-Common Questions

One of the common questions that we’re asked all the time is if tankless water heaters are really a good value. So here are some answers to questions that we have been asked.

Troubleshooting a Tank Type Water Heater
by Bob Formisano

Unlike tankless water heaters, standard type gas and electric water heaters use an insulated storage tank. The construction or anatomy of a gas tank type water heater is explained in the tutorial Anatomy of the Gas Water Heater.

I hope that these articles help you to become more familiar about the plumbing and air conditioning systems in your home. Please feel free to send questions or comments.