Sinclair HVAC and Plumbing: June Recipe

Cinnamon Rolls

1 package of Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls (12 count)
These are found at United in the frozen food section where the frozen bread is—red package. The instructions tell you to set these out overnight.

Take out as many cinnamon rolls as needed. Spray bottom of cookie sheet with Pam. Put cinnamon rolls on the sheet about 2 inches apart. Cover with waxed paper you have sprayed HEAVILY with Pam.

Bake as directed on package, do not over bake.

Some frosting comes with the package. Make sure you open the packages while they are still frozen and put the frosting in a bowl. It is not usually enough frosting for scrumptious rolls!! SO…..

Add the following to frosting packets for additional frosting:
1 stick butter—adjust amount to the number of rolls you’re baking
Powdered sugar—as needed for consistency
Cream cheese, if desired
Chopped pecans

Bring butter and cream cheese to room temperature. You might want to set out all ingredients overnight so it will be smooth in the morning to mix. Mix well until smooth and spread over baked cinnamon rolls.

**I love when my Mom makes Cinnamon Rolls! This recipe is amazing and it is making me hungry just to write this article. What is your opinion?**