Making sure your HVAC air conditioner is working correctly in your Plano, TX, home during hot summer months is mandatory if you want to stay cool and comfortable. An easy way to accomplish this with your HVAC unit is by upgrading your HVAC system with smart devices like smart thermostats and smart ceiling fans. Here are three smart device upgrades you may want to include in your home to help ease the summer heat along with improving your energy efficiency.

Installing a Smart Thermostat Improves Energy Efficiency

Having an HVAC company install a smart thermostat in your home can create more energy efficiency with your HVAC air conditioning system. Over time, this smart device records your preferences and adjusts your thermostat automatically to keep you more comfortable. Including a unit like the Bryant Evolution Connex Control thermostat with your other HVAC equipment can make it much simpler to stay cool throughout the day and night.

Room Sensors

When your thermostat is located in one area, it can’t read the temperature in a room that might be on the other side of your Plano, TX, home. Utilizing a room sensor in one or more areas can solve this problem quickly and efficiently.

By using a company that provides professional HVAC repair, HVAC installation and remote access systems, you can have this smart device placed in rooms where you need to regulate hot or cold spots. Using this type of sensor will allow you to keep other rooms in your home cooler when the sun is scorching.

Smart Ceiling Fans

Summer heat can put an extra load on your HVAC units. Installing smart ceiling fans can relieve some of the burdens. They produce a breeze that makes your body feel cooler, which means you don’t have to rely on turning your air-conditioning setting higher.

You can connect a smart ceiling fan with your smartphone or a voice-controlled machine that you have in your home and utilize either one to control it remotely. Programming this smart device can also be completed to provide you with periods during the day or night when you want your fan to run for your comfort. Doing this can help make you feel cooler during certain times of the day when you want to combat the heat of the sun.

Installing these types of smart devices in your Plano, TX, home will help keep you more comfortable and save money with their energy efficiency. Contact us at Sinclair Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Inc. to ensure you get reliable services in your home. We would be happy to provide you with a quote and answer any questions.

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