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We want all of our customers to know that you are the reason we are #1 in air conditioning and plumbing repair. We constantly strive to be the best in the air conditioning, heating, and plumbing industry and we are proud to serve you, our loyal customers. We feel that our technicians are the best in the Lubbock area and are ready to service you during the summer and winter months. Call us today or via email by clicking the "Contact Us" link above!  Check out the new blog and stay up to date with the latest plumbing and HVAC news for Lubbock County.



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The Blessing Of Clean Water

We drink it. We shower and bathe in it. We cook with it. We float our boats in it. We clean with it. We ski in it in the summer and ski on it in the winter. We watch it fall from the sky. And sometimes we watch it sweep things away. Water. Imagine a day without it. The human body can survive 40 days without food. Only 3 days or less without water. Staying fully hydrated is key to the human body...Read more

Water Heaters...Gas or Electric?

It’s an appliance we don’t think about until it doesn’t work. A blast of cold water in your morning shower wakes you up to the fact that your water heater decided to go on a permanent vacation. If it’s been a good unit, it may have good reason for deciding to quit. It’s been on the job 10 years or more. Now you’re looking for the next heater for your home. You’ll have some choices. The primary...Read more

About Water Leaks and Water Damage

As one who’s experienced two house floods within a six month period, writing about this topic is like remembering a root canal. Hopefully you’ve never felt water around your ankles in your living room or watched a waterfall cascading down your front steps like a water park attraction. If you have, you know the helpless feeling. If you haven’t, pray you never do. Water damage is terribly...Read more

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