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Clearing A Clogged Drain


Maybe you notice the sink draining slowly. Or the water pooling in the shower. They both point to a slow moving or clogged drain. If you see these or other signs, it's important to address the issue immediately. It won't get better on its own. And it will in fact get worse, leading to more damage and costly repairs.

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The "Do's" Of Home Plumbing


Last week we talked about what not to do with regard to your home plumbing. This week we'd like to be affirming and talk about what we should do.

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Your Plumbing System: What NOT To Do


As Canadian comedian Red Green says, "If women don't find you handsome, make sure they find you handy." Being a skilled "do it yourself" person is great. Yet as we all know, there are right ways and wrong ways. Your friends at Sinclair want you to do it the right way to avoid big problems now and later.

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Holiday Home Safety Tips


It’s that time again. To break out the tree and the tinsel. Decorating for Christmas is a happy tradition. Here’s some tips to help keep that tradition a safe one.

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Home Heating Tips


Q: The weather turned cold this week. I fired up my furnace and was thankful for the warmth. Then I started thinking about what it will add to my energy bill. What should I be doing to make sure I'm not wasting money?

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What Happens When A Water Pipe Freezes?


Yesterday it was 80 degrees. This morning it's 28 degrees. It's an excuse to break out my leather jacket for sure. There's nothing like a little wind chill to remind you you're alive.

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Heating My Home: Electric Furnace or Gas Furnace?


Q: It's time for us to buy a new furnace. We've been looking at gas and electric models. Is there an advantage of one over the other?

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Plumbing Tricks


We all like a good shortcut. Especially if it saves us money, time and/or frustration. 

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Fall Safety Tips

Even though the Halloween candy has been on sale since August, the cooler weather is finally here. I can't speak for you, but fall is my favorite season of the year. Football. Food. Fleeces. Fireplaces. Friends. It doesn't get much better than that.
While we're putting the summer items away and pulling out our sweatshirts, it's a good time to be sure we're ready for the colder temperatures. Sinclair wants your fall season to be safe. Here's some tips!
* Change the batteries in your smoke detectors. - For those of us who live in areas where Daylight Savings Time is observed, when the time changes, change your batteries. That way, every fall and spring you'll know your alarms are ready to go. Include your carbon monoxide detectors, too. Some alarms now combine smoke and CO2 detectors.
* While you're thinking "fire prevention", make sure your fire extinguishers are fully charged. And if you don't have one for your home, get one! They aren't that expensive and certainly cheaper than a fire.
* If you have a chimney, get it swept by a professional. - Creosote is a gummy substance that is a natural by product of burning wood. Over time, it can accumulate inside your chimney. It's crucial that this be removed to avoid a fire.
* Be sure to have a screen on your fireplace. - The old line, "it only takes a spark to get a fire going" is a truth you don't want to experience inside your home. One small spark or ember popped out on to your carpet can start a big blaze. Make sure you have a screen on your fireplace.
* If you have a gas fireplace, have a professional inspect the lines for leaks. - If you have a tiny leak on an outside line, you're literally letting your money disappear into thin air. If the leak is on the inside, it's more dangerous. Remember to check the connections, too.
* Use space heaters safely. - Space heaters are handy because they are portable. Yet be aware of where you place the heater. Be sure it's away from curtains and furniture. Never use space heaters as a dryer by draping clothes over them. Be sure to turn them off when you leave the house.
* Finally, make sure your heating system is ready for fall and winter. Have professionals inspect your equipment. They may catch a small problem before it becomes a big one. And you'll enter the cold weather season with peace of mind, knowing your system is as safe as it is warm.
Sinclair Plumbing and Heating are your local experts when it comes to your heating system. Call them today to schedule a "winterizing" appointment. They'll inspect your system for safety and efficiency. 806-749-2665.
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Heat Loss


If you walked outside today you felt the chilly air. I love the fall season. The 90 degree temperatures are in the rear view window and ahead of us are cool evenings in front of the fireplace.

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