Air Conditioning Tips: How to Stay Cool for the Summer

If you live in Lubbock you know how hot it has been lately and I thought it would be appropriate to give you some tips to help stay cool.

1. Set the Fan setting on your thermostat to “On”

This is one of the easiest money saving tips that you can do. Many people do not realize that leaving your blower on will help your compressor not run as much. In the Fan “Auto” mode your fan shuts off when the thermostat reaches its set-point. When the ambient temperature is over 90 degrees the inside temperature will come up faster with the fan off. So, I recommend leaving the fan set to “On” during the summer months. FYI: It costs about the same to run a blower motor as it does to run a ceiling fan.

2. Make sure ceiling fans are turning “clockwise”

This is another easy tip that will not cost you very much to do. During the winter months I always recommend to turn your ceiling fan setting to “counter-clockwise”: this helps to circulate all of the hot air off of the ceiling. The opposite is true for the summer months. If you follow tip #1 and run your ceiling fan(s) you are going to be circulating a lot of air in your home! This is good because it feels cooler to the skin and at the same time your air conditioning compressor is not running as much either.

3. Close your blinds or shutters

For me, this tip will be hard to follow because I like to let the sun light up my home rather than the artificial lights during the day. This is also a way to let the heat into your home. Believe it or not, closing the blinds or shutters on your windows can cool your house down about 5 degrees!

4. Hydrate yourself and your children

This is the most important tip! Staying hydrated when it is 90 degrees and above is very important. Please drink plenty of water and try to stay out of the sun for extended periods of time.

I know that most of these tips seem obvious but I thought it was appropriate with the extreme heat that we have been having. I hope that these air conditioning tips have helped and if you have any more that you would like to add or if I forgot some, please send me a comment.