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How to Improve Air Quality in Your Office


Four office workers are smiling at the camera nd giving a thumbs up. The two women are on the right and left of the two men in the center of the photo.

An office’s air quality is one of the most important factors when it comes to the health of workers. It makes more difference than you might think in terms of morale and overall productivity, so it’s best to make sure your Lubbock, Texas, office is in good condition. Learn how to improve air quality in your office by following the recommendations provided below to help everyone enjoy the clean, fresh, healthy air purified and dispensed by your HVAC system in the office.

Regularly Replace Air Filters

Air filters are common sources of compromised air quality. Their entire purpose is to filter out dust and debris, but these substances build up on the filter’s surface over time. Once that buildup reaches a certain point, the air filter is no longer able to do its job. It’s generally best to change air filters quarterly, and do minor maintenance every six to 12 months, or sooner, depending on the state of things.

Control the Humidity

Air quality partly depends on humidity, since certain humidity levels allow biologic particles and other allergens to prosper. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers can be implemented to better control your office’s humidity levels. It’s best to keep humidity somewhere between 30% and 50% to maximize quality and comfort.

Keep the Office Clean

Office cleanliness should be everyone’s responsibility. By keeping the office as clean as possible, allergens and biologic particulates have lower chances of developing. All spills should be cleaned as soon as possible. If this seems like a lot of effort, just remember that cleaning a spill is always easier and less costly than having to get biologic damage removed.

By following these simple recommendations, you’ll be in a much better position to maintain high office air quality. Of course, the best strategy is to hire a professional to take care of everything for you. Sinclair Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Inc. offers extensive air quality services, so don’t hesitate to contact us online or call today for all your commercial HVAC needs.