Lubbock Drain Cleaning Services

Drain Clogs Don’t Stand a Chance

Slow, stopped up, gurgling, foul-smelling drains are extremely frustrating. More than that, if left unaddressed, a drain clog can result in significant damage to your plumbing system. Don't make the same mistake that many homeowners have already made by waiting too late to call for professional drain cleaning services in Lubbock, TX.

At Sinclair Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Inc, our plumbers are ready and able to resolve any drainage issues you may be facing, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As soon as you give us a call, we can dispatch a trained technician to your location to identify and address your drain problem in a quick and professional manner. Our extensive knowledge and advanced plumbing equipment ensure a job well done every time. There is no drain clog too difficult for us to conquer!

If you have a drain clog, turn to our Lubbock drain cleaning experts. Call (806) 454-9332 now for a fast and reliable solution.

Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

We're not one of those plumbing companies that is going to try to convince you that every time you have a clogged drain you need to call an experienced plumber. Some clogs can be solved by using a plunger. However, there are certain situations where you will want to call an expert to safely and effectively remove whatever is blocking your drain.

You should call us for professional drain cleaning if:

  • A plunger does not solve the problem – When a sink or toilet is clogged, and a plunger doesn't do the trick, you probably have a clog further down the drain line that requires professional equipment to remove it. Rather than turning to store-bought chemical cleaners, which are ineffective and often damage pipes, turn to our expert plumbers for a safe and effective solution.
  • You experience frequent drain clogs – There are times when a plunger may work but will fail to resolve the problem adequately. If you are experiencing recurring drain issues, you will need a professional drain cleaning solution to rid yourself of the problem once and for all.
  • There are foul odors coming from your drain – You might require drain cleaning even if the water is still going down your drain. One of the surest indications that a clog is forming in your drain is foul smells emitting from it. Therefore, before the debris accumulates anymore, let our professionals give your pipes a thorough cleansing.

Tips for Avoiding Drain Clogs

Many of the drain clogs that were called out to resolve could have been avoided by taking the necessary preventative measures. If you are wondering what you can do to prevent a clog from forming in your drains, let us suggest the following tips.

To prevent drain clogs, you should:

  • Avoid flushing anything down the toilet besides human waste and toilet paper
  • Use screens/strainers to avoid hair and larger food particles from going into the drain
  • Brush your hair before taking a shower or a bath to prevent hair from entering a drain
  • Put leftover food and coffee grounds into the trash rather than the garbage disposal
  • Do not pour grease or oils down a drain, as these solidify when cooled
  • Use a non-corrosive, bacterial drain cleaner once a month to help maintain your drains
  • Schedule a professional drain cleaning on a regular basis to keep your water flowing

Don’t deal with stubborn clogs alone! Contact Sinclair Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Inc for professional drain cleaning in Lubbock.

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