Air Conditioning Maintenance Before The Summer

I am sure that you have heard me write about this particular subject before but it is my job to look out for our customers. Before it gets too hot I want to remind you to get your air conditioning system checked out by our technicians. This will be an investment that can pay off in the long run and give you peace of mind when it gets over 100 degrees. If you have lived in Lubbock as long as I have, you know that reaching the 100 degree mark is a very real possibility.

“Why do you bring this up every year?”

When the temperature goes up and it will in West Texas, I want you to be comfortable. Our Comfort Customers can testify that they do not have to worry because they already know that their system is ready to go. 90 percent of our “No AC” calls during the summer months are customers that have not had their system checked and something has gone wrong that could have been prevented.

“What does the technician do?”

When I ran service full-time I did many service and checks. You would not believe the problems that can be prevented just by opening the unit. I am looking for pitted contactors, proper amp draw on the compressor, clean air filters, and many other things. The average check takes about an hour and can save you lots of money by having your system checked twice a year.

Do you think having your system checked twice a year is important? If no, why not?