Keep Those Drains Flowing!

When people are in process of buying a new home or remodeling a kitchen, you’ll never see them gathered around the table with friends, talking excitedly about the kitchen drains they can’t wait to install. Drains aren’t up there with granite counters and custom blinds. But they are critical to a functioning home.

Drains aren’t all that exciting, until they don’t work. Then they create unwanted drama that disrupts our day, often making a big mess in the process.

Here’s some tips from Sinclair to help you keep those drains flowing freely:

Avoid pouring grease down your drain. Do it once and it may not be a problem. Do it as a matter of routine and the grease will build up inside your pipes. When food particles or other debris go down the drain, they will stick to the grease. Over time, the pipe can become clogged.

Don’t make your garbage disposal work too hard. If you have a large amount of anything you intend to put through your disposal, put it in your trash instead. No point in taking a chance of clogging your drain.

Put your used coffee grounds on the plants in your garden, not down the sink. Your flowers will thank you and you’ll help keep your drain happy.

In bathtubs and showers, routinely clean the strainers. Every month or so, take a wire and clear the drain of hair and soap build up.

Flush the drain-waste and vent system. When you’re up on the roof clearing your rain gutters, find the drain-waste and vent system. Flush them out with a garden hose. Let them free flow for a couple minutes to clear out any debris. Don’t take any chances, though. If you’re unsteady or unsure, let someone else do the climbing and the cleaning. There’s no drain worth an injury!

Sinclair is more than willing to help you keep your drains clear. Give us a call at 806-749-COOL (2665) and we’ll be pleased to solve your plumbing problems.

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