Is your heating system ready for winter? If your answer to this question was no, would you like to receive $20 off of your next plumbing or heating repair? You can by filling out the short form on the Coupon page ! After the form is filled out and you have selected “Get Coupon”, you will be redirected to a .pdf file that has the coupon on it. Print out the coupon and present it to the service technician or plumber on your next repair. It’s that easy! Read coupon for more details and offer expires December 1, 2010.

This discount is similar to what our Comfort Customers receive every time a repair is needed. For example: If your heating system is not working, you can help prevent this by having your system looked at before winter. Our technician will look for problems like this and be able to fix it on-site. Plus, you get a discount on the repairs that were done to the system. This is just one example of the benefits of having a Comfort Customer Agreement. If you want more details on our Comfort Customer Agreements or anything else, please fill out the short form so you can be contacted.

Will you take advantage of the coupon?

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