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washing clothes

Get Rid of Static Electricity

During the dry winter months in Lubbock, Texas, you may notice an increase in static electricity within your home. This problem is more than just a bother
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Dust in Furnace

Signs Your Furnace Blower Motor is Getting Too Hot

The winter time is a perfect time of year to try and save money. Did you know doing something as simple as running your ceiling fans d
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tankless water heater

3 Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters, also called on-demand or instantaneous units, only heat water when it’s needed. Models powered on natural gas, propan
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adjusting thermostat

Take Control of Your Energy With a Voice-Controlled Wi-Fi Thermostat

Controlling the energy use in your Lubbock, Texas, home is not only vital to reducing your carbon footprint but also
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woman watches plumber

What’s Behind Those Weird Noises From Your Water Pipes?

You depend on your home’s plumbing system to carry water into, through, and out of your Slaton, Texas, home. When the pipes c
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HVAC Maintenance

3 Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system provides many benefits, such as greater energy efficiency, fewer breakdowns, and better indoor air quality. If you
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woman fixing sink

4 Signs You Need a New Bathroom Sink

Your sink serves as a focal point in your bathroom. Not only is it functional, but a bathroom sink’s shape, style, and color set the tone for
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Need a Smart Thermostat

Why You Need a Smart Thermostat This Summer

If you’re finding it difficult to keep the inside of your Lubbock, TX home cool enough, it may be time to consider a smart thermostat.
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toilet flushing

3 Common Plumbing Mistakes That Can Drain Your Savings Account

While Texas generally has more pleasant weather than the northern states, it also ex
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Lowering HVAC Bills

Lowering HVAC Bills this Spring

When the spring weather comes around in Slaton, Texas, you may notice a spike in your monthly bills as you try to m
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