Why Sewer Line Replacement Might Be Needed

A dug trench displaying the sewer line This is something as a homeowner I hope I never have to do, and that is replace my sewer line. I have actually had to replace several sewer lines when I did plumbing calls every day, and this is something that no one should have to go through.

One of the main causes of having to replace a sewer line is having tree roots in the plumbing pipe. Your main drain line usually runs in the back yard out to the alley or septic tank. If you have trees in your back yard and have problems with your sewer line backing up on a regular basis, you might have roots in your line. Once roots have entered the pipe, they continue to grow and expand, exerting considerable pressure at the crack or joint. This increased pressure can cause the pipe to break or collapse, in which case it will need to be repaired or completely replaced.

If left undisturbed, roots will completely fill the pipe with hair-like root masses. The root masses quickly become clogged with toilet tissue, grease and other debris flowing from your home to the main sewer. A complete blockage may occur if the roots are not removed and enough waste material accumulates.

If you think some of the problems mentioned in this article are occurring at your home, schedule a plumber today.

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