Tankless Water Heater Problems

Are you having problems with your tank-less water heater? If so I thought I could share some tips on what might be going on with your water heater.

1. Brown flakes are coming out of the faucets

I have actually had this problem with my tank-less water heater. With Lubbock’s hard water I found that it was eating away at the inside of my tank-less water heaters heat exchanger. Without software being supplied to the water heater, it caused the slow deterioration of my heat exchanger. So if you have this problem in your home, make sure to get soft water supplied to your tank-less water heater.

2. The water is not hot enough

This problem could be as simple as checking your controller for the water heater. I keep mine set at 120 degrees, which is pretty hot. If yours is set lower than 120, than that might be your problem. If turning up the temperature does not help, you might need to have a plumber come look at it.

3. Instant hot water

A common misconception with tank-less water heaters is that they will give you instant hot water. This is NOT true, the only way to get instant hot water is with a recirculating water system. Like with a tank-type water heater, all of the cool water in the line has to be flushed out before you can receive hot water.

These are some of the typical tank-less water heater problems that I run into on a daily basis. If you want more information or if you are experiencing some of these problems, please schedule a call or send me a comment.

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