What’s Split-Ductless Air Conditioning?

Q: I’m doing a remodel. I’ve been hearing about something called “split ductless” air conditioning? What is it and would it be a good option for cooling my home?

A: My in-laws are in Laguna Woods, California. They live in a two bedroom condominium with split ductless air conditioning. It works wonderfully and is

very efficient method of cooling, primarily because of the smaller size of their living quarters. Whether it’s the best option for you depends on your particular home.

Split ductless air conditioning, hence the name, is a way to cool your home without adding ductwork, which typically requires walls, ceilings and attics to be opened up. More efficient than typical window AC units, split ductless is a an option if you only have several different rooms that need cooling.

Mounted high up on the wall, split ductless are modular units that contain an exterior condenser and an indoor evaporating component. The blowers are connected by electric wires and tubes. The refrigerant flows through the tubes. Extremely energy efficient, they convert AC voltage to DC current and use very little electricity.

Split ductless units are remote controlled and tend to be quieter than traditional window coolers.Typically less expensive than central air systems, not having ducts means you eliminate the heat loss associated with ductwork. Approximately 30% of energy loss in central air systems comes from ductwork.However, if you are trying to cool an entire home, a central air conditioning system will likely be more cost effective. If your home is large it would be cost prohibitive to put ductless units in every area.

The pros at Sinclair are happy to answer all your questions about heating and cooling, including what equipment will be best for your particular home.

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