Saving Money On Your Air Conditioning Cost

Schools out and summer is here. As the temperature goes up, it’s a challenge to keep energy costs down. Here’s some tips from Sinclair on staying cool efficiently.

* Setting your AC thermostat at a higher temperature in the summer will save you money. The smaller the difference between the outdoor temperature and your indoor room temperature, the lower your energy bill will be. However, don’t go above 3-5 degrees over your preferred set point. If it’s higher than that, your unit will work harder to cool down your home.

* If your house is hot when you first turn on your air conditioner, resist the urge to set the temperature lower than normal. It won’t cool your house off any faster and you may forget to adjust the setting back, costing you more money on your bill.

* Make sure your thermostat isn’t near lamps or televisions. The heat they give off can cause your AC unit to kick on more often than necessary.

* Here’s a trick for even cooling. Set your thermostat to your preferred temperature, then switch your fan setting to “on”. When the thermostat kicks off, the fan will continue to run. This will circulate the air throughout your house, minimizing hot spots and encouraging even cooling for the same or less energy than setting up fans in your house.

* Make sure to change your filter monthly. The dirt blows a lot in West Texas and a clean filter helps your AC unit operate more efficiently.

If you have questions or need help with your AC unit, call Sinclair at 806-749-COOL (2665)! We will be glad to help.

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