Helpful Christmas Season Ideas

Growing up in Iowa it was easy to get into the Christmas spirit because the cold and snow were everywhere. Everything you heard in Christmas songs were all around you. Snowflakes, snow drifts, icicles, snow men in front yards, it was all there.


Here in West Texas, it’s still the Christmas season but we need to work a little harder. “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” plays easier in Iowa than in Lubbock. But we can do it!

Your friends at Sinclair want to share some helpful Christmasideas to make your season better and brighter.


Start with your Christmas lights. Something our parents never had was LED lights. LED lights have been around for a few years but recent improvements have made them a better option for Christmas.

LED lights cost more than traditional Christmas lights but quickly pay for themselves as they only use 15% of the energy consumed by traditional incandescent lights,and producing more light in the process. You can connect many strings together, eliminating the need for multiple power outlets.

Another advantage of LED lights is there is no filament and no glass bulb so they are safer and cooler to the touch.

Cut Back On The “To Do” List

Holidays are supposed to be joyful. Yet they come with inherent stress. Is my house clean enough when company comes over? Do I have enoughChristmas decorations out? Do I have all the presents bought? Have I forgotten any events on the calendar?

Human nature being what it is, one task leads to another. We can overwhelm ourselves with jobs and tasks to the point of leaving no time to enjoy the season. No wonder so many of us go back to work exhausted in January.

Be kind to yourself. Don’t clean the entire house and garage. Just keep things tidy and enjoy your family. Leave the deep cleaning for a later time. Focus on your friends and family, not your feather duster. Unless it’s something you really enjoy, don’t stress yourself stuffing envelopes with Christmas cards. We live in a digital age where sending fun pictures is easily and quickly done.


When it comes to Christmas decorating, for some it’s “go big or go home”.There’s an unspoken desire to be bigger and brighter than the year before. If that’s fun for you, go for it. If not, try scaling back. Don’t put up every single Christmas ornament you havein storage. Don’t feel the need to put Santa and his reindeer up on the roof. Reduce and simplify. You’ll have more time for people and you’ll be much happier when it’s time to put it all back in the box come January.

Be Safe

Unfortunately, the bad guys like to come out around the holidays. Thefts and burglary increases. Your safety is of utmost importance. Don’t leave valuables in your car, especially where they are visible. If you have an alarm system, be sure you set it when you are away. If you’re traveling over the holidays, be sure to have your mail held and ask a neighbor to daily pick up any newspapers or advertisements that are left on your door. When these pile up it’s a clue to bad guys that you’re not home. Set your lights on a timer so it appears you are home in the evenings.

If you’re driving somewhere for Christmas, prepare for bad weather. Have an emergency kit in your car, including flashlights, batteries and a couple extra blankets. Have your car checked over before a long road trip so you know your tires, wipers and brakes are working properly.

Have Fun. Make Memories.

The busyness of holidays can steal our joy. Don’t let the stress of getting things done get in the way of time spent with family and friends. The fact is, there will always be dishes to wash and bathrooms to clean. Those dear people around your table won’t always be here. Invest your time in them, telling stories, making memories and building the legacy that is your family. Don’t let the urgent get in the way of the important.

Your friends at Sinclair are all about your having the best Christmas season possible. Call us if you have any plumbing and heating issues. We are year for you winter, spring, summer and fall. 806-749-2665

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