3 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Immediate Professional Repair

A brunette woman and an HVAC technician in a blue uniform are shaking hands in a kitchen

A faulty air conditioner serves as one surefire way to spoil your summer plans, but if you react quickly, you can save yourself the misery of a Lubbock, Texas, home that feels like a sweat lodge. Watch out for red flags like uneven cooling, strange noises, and high electric bills that suggest your air conditioner needs immediate repair.

Uneven Cooling

Perhaps your home feels comfortable during the morning and early afternoon but becomes almost unbearable during the heat of the day. Maybe you feel downright chilly in the living room, but you start to sweat when you enter the kitchen. Uneven cooling could suggest restricted air flow and an ailing air conditioner.

If your AC gets overtaxed in the late afternoon, for instance, it might have an overheating motor. Alternatively, your air conditioner might not be the right size for your home, which could cause variations in temperature throughout the house. Whatever the reason, one of our technicians can diagnose the problem and get your AC back up and running.

Strange Noises

A screeching sound coming from the indoor unit could indicate a broken belt or a malfunctioning motor, while rattling sound might suggest an issue with the blower. If your air conditioner makes new noises, it probably needs professional attention. Replacing a worn-out bearing or a defective relay often proves far less expensive than the major repair costs you can incur from ignoring the issue.

High Electric Bills

As air conditioning units near the ends of their lifespans, they cool less efficiently. You might see a gradual increase in your electric bills, or the higher costs could appear suddenly. Additionally, if your air conditioner has a refrigerant leak or other mechanical issue, electric bills will increase. Whatever the case, you need professional guidance to know whether the problem warrants a repair or a replacement.

Don’t ignore these air conditioning red flags. Call Sinclair Heating, Cooling, Plumbing Inc., to schedule an HVAC appointment so we can diagnose the problem.

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