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5 Signs That It May Be Time for a New Air Conditioning System


The summer weather in Southwest Texas is hot and dry, and homeowners rely on a dependable central air conditioner to keep the indoor environment cool and comfortable. Modern air conditioning systems are built for many years of reliable service, but even the highest quality units eventually need to be replaced. Here are five signs that it may be time for a new AC system.

Your AC is Well Past Its Prime

Central air conditioners are built to last, but internal components endure a great deal of stress, especially in severe weather conditions. In Lubbock, your AC equipment will accumulate many runtime hours and may begin to malfunction after 10-15 years of service.

Modern air conditioners like the Bryant Evolution Series are exceptionally efficient and use environmentally-friendly R-410a refrigerant. A new air conditioning installation by the professionals at Sinclair can help reduce your monthly utility expenses, lower equipment repair costs and improve indoor comfort.

Air Conditioning Repair Costs Keep Rising

Multiple repairs to a failing central air conditioner can become very expensive, and the inconvenience of dealing with a broken unit on a regular basis can be frustrating. Over time, old air conditioners lose efficiency, which means they have to run longer cycles to properly cool your home. In many instances, the difference in utility and AC repair costs can help you make the monthly payments on a high-efficiency Bryant air conditioner. Talk to one of our comfort specialists about the many benefits of a new air conditioning installation, and ask about our convenient HVAC equipment finance options.

Your Equipment was Improperly Sized

Many older air conditioning systems were installed without appropriate engineering. In many cases, HVAC equipment was purposely oversized, which can cause stale air pockets, poor air movement, excessive system noise, high utility costs and uneven temperatures in different rooms.

Installing a new central air conditioner from the professionals at Sinclair will change all that. We always run a full set of load calculations to determine the impact that doors, windows, insulation and other factors have on the total cooling load. During the planning stage, we also assess your duct system and make necessary repairs and modifications so that every room receives the precise amount of conditioned air needed to keep your family comfortable.

You Have Humidity Problems

An essential part of your air conditioner’s job is to properly dehumidify your home during the summer. If there is excess moisture, you’ll turn down the thermostat to compensate, which raises utility costs. If you are uncomfortable due to low humidity, there are humidification products that can be added to your central heating and cooling system to provide relief. Proper air conditioning sizing and efficient operation will help maintain a healthy level of humidity, which will keep your home comfortable and healthy throughout the summer.

Your Air Conditioner is Very Noisy

For a variety of reasons, air conditioners often get louder as they age. Some older units have an early compressor model that emits a shrill back spin noise when the unit shuts down. Interior sound insulation deteriorates over time, which allows more of the motor noise to escape from the cabinet. AC units contain many moving parts, and time takes its toll on motors, belts, gears and fan blades. If your air conditioner is keeping the neighborhood up at night, it may be time to consider installing an ultra-quiet unit from Bryant. Every Evolution Series air conditioner includes a compressor blanket and features noise levels as low as 68 dB.

Cool and Reliable Indoor Comfort

For many people, the thought of an air conditioning replacement project is daunting, but the professionals at Sinclair will explain all your options and help guide you through the entire process. If you’re interested in learning more about the many benefits of installing a new air conditioner, call one of our friendly comfort specialists today at 806-749-COOL (2665).