Is Your Air Conditioner Running Flat? Time for a Tune-Up!

A reliable cooling system is essential during the summer months in Lubbock, but an aging air conditioner can cause your home’s comfort levels to fall short of your expectations. However, the fact that your AC is running flat does not necessarily mean that AC repair or replacement is necessary. In fact, your issue may simply be a lack of air conditioning maintenance. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, this is one of the most common causes of air conditioning problems.

Declining Performance with Normal Wear

Filter management can play a huge role in the natural decline in your air conditioner’s performance. It is easy to forget about the filter because it is out of site, and a dirty filter can become so clogged and weighted with particulates that it eventually fails to protect your air handler. These solid materials collect on important parts, including your evaporator coils, and reduce efficiency levels. A dirty filter can reduce your system’s efficiency by between 5 and 15 percent, and dirty coils can affect the system’s performance by 20 percent or more. A refrigerant leak can also play a crucial role in reduced performance as well as in the decrease of your system’s life.

How Air Conditioning Maintenance Helps

By scheduling an AC tune-up every spring, you can take advantage of the expertise of an HVAC technician, who will carefully inspect all major system components. Cleaning the coils is one of the most important steps in restoring system performance and minimizing your risk of an AC repair. Additionally, your technician can identify potential problems with refrigerant lines, the thermostat, ducts, and fans. If any parts are in need of repair or replacement, you will have adequate time to remedy the situation prior to the start of the summer cooling season.

Expert HVAC Support

Sinclair is pleased to provide the preventive services needed to ensure that your system operates optimally throughout the summer months. We also offer emergency service to help if you face an urgent AC breakdown. Learn more about our air conditioning services online, or contact our office staff at 806-749-2665 for an appointment today.

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