Schedule an HVAC Tune-Up If You Notice These Signs

A Lubbock HVAC technician taking notes on a clipboard with HVAC parts on a counter

It can be easy to put off household tasks when we get busy. Scheduling an HVAC tuneup service may get pushed to the bottom of your list, especially if everything seems to be working properly. However, if you notice any of the following signs in your Wolfforth, Texas, home, then it may be time to schedule a tuneup.

Odd Noises

There are some noises that you can expect from your HVAC unit. Over time, you become accustomed to these noises. But if the noises coming from your unit are unusual or they are so loud that they are distracting, then it may be time for an HVAC tuneup. Especially loud noises or new sounds can indicate loose parts, built up debris, or damage to the mechanical parts of your unit.

Inconsistent Temperature

Your HVAC unit should be able to keep up with your thermostat setting. If you find that your home does not effectively heat or cool or that your unit does not reach the set temperature, it could indicate that you need a service appointment. An HVAC professional will inspect, clean, and if needed, repair your unit so that you can achieve a comfortable home temperature.

Foul Smells

An HVAC unit should be free of any odors. Identifying a foul smell is often an indication that your unit requires cleaning or a repair. Foul smells could indicate a dirty air filter, dirty air ducts, or a problem with the electrical motor. Some smells, like rotten egg or gas, can indicate a natural gas leak or burning dust. Both issues can be dangerous and require the services of a professional.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert on HVAC units to know when it is time for a service call. Odd noises, inconsistent temperatures, and foul smells can all indicate that it is time for an HVAC tuneup. Call Sinclair Heating, Cooling, Plumbing Inc. today at 844-749-2665 to discuss your heating and cooling needs.

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