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New Heat Pump Technology That Saves You Money


Indoor comfort doesn’t always mean an air conditioner and a furnace. A new heat pump installation can keep your Lubbock home comfortable year-round while cutting energy costs every month.

A Heat Pump Provides Heat and AC Out of Thin Air

A heat pump harvests warmth from outdoor air and use it to heat your home. You’ll get high-efficiency air source heating in temperatures above freezing. Using a furnace for backup when temperatures dip lower, you’ll pay less overall for heating than you would with a furnace alone. Furnaces generate heat by burning expensive fuel. Heat pumps provide heat that’s always available in outdoor air.

Modulated Output With Multi-stage Compressors

Most HVAC systems are single-stage systems. They cycle on when indoor temperatures deviate from the thermostat setting. They run at full tilt until the setting is restored. The result is uncomfortable blasts of hot or cold air, uneven indoor temperatures, and higher utility bills. Multi-stage systems run almost continually at a small percentage of full capacity. Constant incremental adjustments to output keep temperatures at the desired level without noticeable shifts. That reduces utility bills and eliminates hot and cold spots.

Enhanced Performance With Variable Speed Motors

Standard blower motors run at one speed. They cycle on and off in conjunction with single-stage compressors. Variable speed motors can run at any speed. They sync fan speeds and running times with multi-stage compressor speeds and capacities. These blower motors fine-tune airflow to match the current heating or cooling demands of your home. Because the fan is running longer and more slowly, it conserves electricity, reduces noise and maintains consistent indoor comfort. Long-running times permit exceptional humidity control and increased air circulation. Air is constantly passing through the filter for cleaner indoor air.

At Sinclair Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Inc., we have the required expertise to correctly size and install heat pumps with the latest technology. Call us at (844) 749-2665 to learn more.