Lubbock Plumbers: How To Choose A Kitchen Faucet

When you are looking to buy a new kitchen faucet or any faucet for that matter, it can be overwhelming. There are a lot of different kitchen faucets to choose from, there are different brands, some brands are cheaper than others, etc…. I have 5 tips that will help you decide on a faucet that is right for you.

1. Sink compatibility:

This is the first tip for a reason! Choose a fixture that is compatible with the mounting-hole pattern of your sink, which can be anywhere from one to four holes. Remember, will the faucet reach the sink?

2. Neck Design:

A high-arcing spout gives clearance for filling or rinsing tall pots. There is a caveat to this type of faucet: A high-curved neck with a shallow sink creates excessive splashing, so keep that in mind.

3. Spout Style:

On many of the new models the faucet head has a built-in pull-out sprayer hose to reach every corner of the sink and counter.

4. Handles:

One-piece faucets with single-lever handles are the most popular, two-handled “bridge” faucets in both traditional and modern styles are trendy.

5. Finish:

Most models are durable and scratch-resistant. Nickel, copper, pewter, bronze, gold, black and white are options, but chrome and stainless steel are the biggest sellers. Try matching the faucet finish to your appliances and cabinet pulls.

I hope that these tips help. The last thing that I will say is that Lubbock has very hard water and this reduces the life of your faucet significantly if you do not have some kind of filtration system on your house. If you want our Lubbock plumbers to come out and help you decide on a faucet, go to our website and schedule an estimate today!

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