A modern kitchen with an island and wooden cabinets

Kitchen Refrigerator Tips by Beth Sinclair

A decision that you need to make very carefully when remodeling or building a kitchen is the choice of the refrigerator. I have some strong ideas on this subject that I would like to share with you.

I wanted the front panel of the refrigerator to match my other cabinets. I was told that the space for my refrigerator could best be fitted with a side-by-side refrigerator, that it was ample for a family of four (4). A family of 4!! This is going to be a great addition to my new kitchen!

The new side-by-side refrigerator that I ended up purchasing is not deep enough for a large casserole dish! You must turn it the other direction in order to fit and one dish takes up an entire shelf. It will not hold four one gallon jugs of milk! If you have young children and like to shop in bulk, this is very important. The freezer side of the appliance will not hold a frozen pizza box. It’s too narrow! Seriously, a family of 4?!

Friends, I thought I knew what I wanted but again, I am just advising you to DO YOUR RESEARCH and ask your friends! Get as many measurements as you can. Measure the refrigerator on display and measure the hole that you want it to fit into. Think before you buy!

Can you offer any other tips about purchasing a new refrigerator?

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