When Is It Time To Call An Air Conditioning Installation Company?

I know this might sound like a simple question to answer but for many consumers out there this can be a very tough question to answer. Buying a new HVAC system can seem like buying a new car. There are many different types, some do more than others, and some can save more money than others. In my opinion you have to look at a couple of issues to help make the decision of whether or not to hire an air conditioning installation company.

The first issue I would consider would be on how much money you are spending in repairs on your existing system. Are you having repairs done on your system more than twice a year? Keep in mind, I am not talking about scheduled maintenance visits. If you are spending $200 to $500 in HVAC repairs yearly you should seriously be considering purchasing a new system!

Another major deciding factor would be whether or not your existing system has a (R-22) refrigerant leak (This is assuming you have an R-22 system currently installed). With the rising demand of R-410A since the halt of manufacturing on R-22 refrigerant, the supply of R-22 has diminished dramatically. In other words the cost to repair or replace R-22 systems will far exceed the cost to repair or replace R-410A systems. So if you have a R-22 leak in your current system, it might be time to think about making the conversion to a R-410A system.

The most important decision to consider is how reputable the company is installing the equipment? Do they offer any warranty? Will they come back and fix a problem within the first year after the install? You as the homeowner should ask these types of questions to the salesmen or company representative. This is a big investment into your home and the company you choose to install the equipment is, in my opinion, the most important decision you will make. Check out some of our installations on our Facebook page.

These are just a couple of reasons I think you should consider when to call an air conditioning installation company. There are more things to consider but I want to hear what you think about before making a big decision like this.

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