Common Digital Thermostat Problems

With today’s advanced technology a lot of homes now have digital thermostats. There are several problems that occur with having one of these thermostats in your home or business and I wanted to give you the most common issues that I run into on a daily basis.

1. Low Batteries

Usually a homeowner will purchase a digital thermostat at the local hardware store and install it themselves. When this happens the homeowner usually does not know how to hook up permanent power or they do not have the option to have permanent power to the thermostat. So, the manufacturer has added an option on these thermostats to add batteries. When the batteries get too low it can cause the display to go blank. So if you do not look at your thermostat on a daily basis you might miss the “low battery” icon.

2. The program has been changed

A lot of times our technicians have to go into the programming of a digital thermostat and reset all of the times, temperatures, and days to the owners specifications. This problem happens a lot in commercial applications when there is not a lock box over the thermostat. When you get different people changing the thermostat to different temperatures and different settings it can cause many problems with the original settings.

3. Too Different

Many homeowners that have older homes or older equipment are used to the old turn dial thermostats or something similar to it. When they convert to a digital thermostat it can be quite a shock. Instead of turning a knob or moving a button, now everything is touching the screen. There are more settings and most digital thermostats have the capability to set days of the week up on a program. This is something that has never been available and some new owners want them taken out because they cannot get used to them.

The good news is that with all of the new technology coming out, manufactures have realized that the first generation of digital thermostats were not user friendly. Now they are 100% focused on making thermostats easier to use and easy to set up. This makes my job a whole lot easier. I wanted to share these common digital thermostat problems with you today in order to let you know that the 2nd generation of thermostats that are coming out will help solve most of these problems.

Do you have any digital thermostat problems that you want to share?

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