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What Is Involved With Water Leak Repairs?

Being in the plumbing business I hear tons of calls that come into the office that are water leaks. Some of the water leaks that are repaired are easy and some are not! I wanted to give you an idea of what is involved when a water leak is repaired at your home.

One of the most common water leaks that occurs in a home is at the kitchen sink or in the master bathroom. This happens because they are the most used faucets in the house. Especially with older homes, older pipes, and Lubbock’s hard water, this can be a bad combination. Hard water will constantly eat at copper piping and that is why plastic piping has become so popular in this area. Usually after one of our plumbers finds the water leak, he will remove the bad copper piping and replace it with a plastic water pipe that is very resistant to Lubbock’s hard water.

Another common water leak repair that can occur in your home is a slab leak. This is a very serious problem that can happen at the worst possible time. Slab leaks are not covered by your insurance company which I don’t understand because they are very expensive and damaging to your home. Once the water leak is located (when under the concrete slab) concrete has to be busted, tile removed, or wood flooring has to be removed. Either way this repair is serious because the plumber has to access the water piping that runs underneath the house in order to make the proper repair.

Either way you look at it water leaks are not good for you and your home. Hopefully you will never have any type of water leak but if you do, call Sinclair at 806-749-2665 or schedule a call through our website and let the professionals take car of it.