We have gotten a lot of questions about the Mr. Slim product by Mitsubishi Electric. In the video, Jim our comfort consultant and Beth wanted to help answer some simple questions about a Mr. Slim system and what it can do for your home or business. Below, are some highlighted questions that you might find helpful as well as the video.

1. What is a Mr. Slim?

A Mr. Slim system is a ductless (or ducted) heat-pump unit (1 indoor unit and 1 outdoor unit) made by Mitsubishi Electric that can heat and cool rooms in your home that you might have a problem with.

2. Where would you install a Mr. Slim unit?

This unit can be installed in a home or business! That is the beauty of the system. Examples: Second story of a house that is always hot. Mounted on the wall of a master bedroom, garage, sun room, server room, or storage room. Basically it can be used in any room that you want to heat and cool that is not conditioned or that you have problems with.

3. Is any duct work involved?

Mitsubishi has designed some of these units for duct work but you can buy Mr. Slim units that do not require duct work. Jim has sold numerous jobs with the Mr. Slim unit that did not have any duct work involved. In fact we have some pictures of a Mr. Slim install on our Facebook page !

4. How loud is a Mr. Slim unit compared to the conventional unit?

A Mr. Slim unit is so quiet that we have installed them in master bedrooms. The outdoor unit is a lot quieter than the conventional outdoor unit.

5. Where do you install the actual Mr. Slim units?

The indoor unit is mounted on the wall of the room you want to heat and cool and the outdoor unit is usually installed on the outside wall of the room that is being conditioned by the Mr. Slim.

There is much more information in the video above, so check it out! I hope that this video will help you to make an informed buying decision. Mr. Slim units are some of the best ductless units on the market today so set-up an estimate if you are interested.

What other questions do you have about the Mr. Slim system?

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