Air Conditioning Repair vs Air Conditioning Replacement

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Whether it’s a chilly day in Lubbock or a scorching one, I know one of my clients will need an air conditioning repair completed. After I tell them the repairs needed and price, I’m typically asked, “Should I have the air conditioner repair doneor just buy a new one?”

I always say it’s best to weigh your options. When your HVAC system is over 10 years old you have to factor in the age of the system besides the air conditioner repair needed. For example, systems can usually give 15 years of good service. However, the durability of the system and its components do wear down over time. If an air conditioner is close to its life expectancy, I tell clients that the replacement day is near.

The older the air conditioner the more it is likely to have:

· Less energy efficiency compared to current standards

There are some other things to consider along with age and air conditioner repair:

· Mixing new components with old ones. I always match the new equipment with the old components needed in an air conditioner repair and make sure that the unit is working properly. Sometimes just because the components are compatible does not ensure energy efficiency and great performance. It’s akin to adding a new handle on a broken hammer. It works, but it’s not the same.

· Constant air conditioner repair needed. If the unit constantly needs repair, it may be time for another one.
· High energy bills. Usually the older the unit becomes and the more repairs it endures, the less efficient it is.

can be a good decision to repair instead of replace. I write that, however, with an asterisk. You should always consider two things when choosing to repair the system.

· Besides the part that needs repair, the rest of the air conditioner should be operating properly.
· The air conditioner repair cost should always be less than 30 percent of the cost buying a new unit.

purchase a new air conditioner.

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