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What Are Typical Home Air Conditioning Problems?

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I know air conditioning problems are costly headaches. You’d probably rather read home improvement books or call your friend who knows a little about HVAC systems than call a HVAC expert. So, I have some advice before discussing some of the problems that cause air conditioners to fail.

home air conditioning unit fails, I suggest you wait about five minutes and reset any breakers or fuses. The AC system often relies on a double switch. So you can mistakenly turn it off when turning the unit on.

However, if your air conditioning breaks on one of the hot Lubbock days, then it may be due to the compressor. Your unit’s high-pressure limit switch could have been tripped. You can reset the air conditioner by pulling the systems disconnect and letting it sit for a minute and then reinserting it.

Unfortunately, if those things do not work, you may have one of the common air conditioning problems.

· Refrigerant leaks. Refrigerant, which cools the air, can leak. When the chemical leaks it could be minor as adding more or another repair problem.

accumulation of dirt.

· Malfunctioning outside fan. When working properly, the outside fan transports heat from indoors out. When it malfunctions, you notice the stuffy, hot air inside.

· Drainage difficulties. Sometimes the unit’s condensate drain clogs. If the unit has a condensate pump, it may fail.

· Control Failures. If the air conditioning unit is oversized, you may notice what’s called short cycling. This is one of those air conditioning problems where the system shuts down frequently. Your home becomes too cool too fast and the unit shuts off. An undersized system has the opposite effect. During a Lubbock heat wave, you notice there’s no cool air in your home.

One of the most common air conditioning problems involves the unit’s faulty wiring. Any time the air conditioning is improperly wired, it can stop the unit from gaining enough power. Faulty wiring can also trip the circuit break and cause the conditioning unit to turn off.

improper installation or inadequate maintenance. Any time you want to complete the work yourself, resist. For instance, if you notice low refrigerant and add more, you could make the problem worse.