Heating My Home: Electric Furnace or Gas Furnace?

Q: It’s time for us to buy a new furnace. We’ve been looking at gas and electric models. Is there an advantage of one over the other?

But we know you know that. So here’s some differences for you to consider as you make your decision.

Gas Furnaces:

Other advantages of gas furnaces is that they are more energy efficient and they begin to heat right away when they are turned on. Electric furnaces can take a bit before generating heat. Gas typically costs less than electricity. So your energy costs can be lower.

When it comes to initial installation, gas furnaces are definitely not a “do it yourself” project. You’ll need an expert to install it as it requires extensive knowledge and specific tools. Homes with gas heat must also be properly vented and that may require some minor building modifications.

Depending on where you live, gas heat may or may not be available. Obviously you’ll need to see if your residential area has gas service. If so and you decide to go with a gas furnace, you’ll coordinate with the gas company for hook up and making sure the connections are up to local code.

Electric Furnaces:

are quiet and typically long-lasting. You should expect a good electric furnace to last at least 20 years if properly maintained and serviced. Because we tend not to pay attention to things until they break, too many people ignore annual routine maintenance that would extend the life of their equipment.

Installation is much less complicated than gas furnaces. You should still have a professional handle the installation to be sure all the connections and duct work are done properly.

As mentioned previously, electricity is generally more expensive than gas. And because electric furnaces consume energy in heating up to the desired temperature, they aren’t as energy efficient. Your energy costs will be higher.

As you’re doing your research and homework, give the professionals at Sinclair a call. They can easily assess your particular situation and make recommendations as to what furnace would be best for your home. Give them a call today at 806-749-2665. Because you want your decision to be the right one.

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