Preparing Your Home For Winter

Fall in West Texas can be a sweet “in between” season for your cooling/heating system. Cool enough to turn off your air conditioner and warm enough to not turn on your heater. It’s a wonderful time to open the windows and let in the fresh air. (Unless we’re having one of our infamous dust storms.)

Regardless of season, West Texas weather is also unpredictable. So while you’re enjoying not hearing the hum of your AC, it’s a good time to make sure your home and heating system are ready for the cold weather when it rolls in.

* Check your insulation. While the temperatures are still nice, make sure you have adequate insulation in your walls and attic. If it’s low, there are affordable solutions like blow in cellulose insulation or roll out fiberglass insulation that will save you a lot of money on your energy bill.

* Change your filters. I know. You hear us say that all the time. But clean filters remain the easiest, least expensive and most effective practice to keep your heating and air conditioning systems operating well.

* Check the interior and exterior of your homes for air leaks. Up to 30% of energy costs escape through doors and windows. Those little cracks here and there add up. Weather stripping, caulk, and expandable foam are but several products available to seal up your home.

* If you use heating oil, consider filling your tank. The price of heating oil, as all commodities, are driven by supply and demand. It’s likely you’ll pay a lower price in September/October than you will in December. Plus your fuel dealer will be less busy now than during the winter.

* If you plan on using your fireplace, have the chimney swept. When wood burns, it leaves behind an oily, tar like substance called creosote. When it builds up it can cause a chimney fire. A clean chimney also keeps the air flowing freely, reducing the potential of carbon monoxide poisoning. If in doubt, have your chimney swept.

* Have your furnace checked. Remember how frustrated you were when your AC went out on that 100 degree day? When your furnace won’t work on that first below freezing day, you’ll be just as frustrated. Only this time you’ll be wearing a coat.

The professionals at Sinclair will be happy to give your furnace a pre-winter inspection. They will make sure your equipment is operating at peak efficiency. Give them a call so you’re ready for winter! 806-749-COOL (2665)

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