The Importance Of Hiring A Licensed HVAC Contractor

Of all the temptations we face, the temptation to “pay less” is a strong one. We don’t like to pay more than we have to. So if we can save a few dollars, or maybe more than a few dollars, we’re all ears.

The problem is that low price and high quality rarely go together. Which is another way of saying that we tend to get what we pay for. Take a chance on a cheap garden hose and you might be just fine. Taking short cuts to save money on your HVAC system, installation and repairs and you could end up on a long and expensive road.

Here are some reasons you should use a licensed HVAC contractor.

Licensed HVAC contractors are bonded and insured. This protects you and them in the event of unforeseen events during the project. If something is damaged during the course of the work, they are covered.

Licensed HVAC contractors carry workman’s compensation insurance for their employees. What many don’t realize when hiring a low price unlicensed worker is that if they are injured while on your property, they can sue you. Suddenly that low price repair becomes a very expensive bill.

Licensed HVAC contractors stay current on the current rules, regulations and building codes for their state and local area. They know when permits are needed and what can and can’t be done to stay within building codes. This is crucial if and when the property is put up for sale in the future.

My brother-in-law put his home up for sale in the Los Angeles area. He accepted an offer on the home and in the process of the building inspection learned that the previous owner had added a bedroom without pulling the proper permits. The bedroom had to be removed and brought into code before the home could be sold. When you use unlicensed laborers and contractors you could pay for repairs and improvements that may later need to be undone and then done over.

Licensed HVAC contractors have the latest training on systems and equipment. If repairs are necessary, they will use quality approved parts for your particular unit. Because they are licensed and because they use approved parts, it won’t void the warranty on your heating and cooling system. Unlicensed workers doing repairs on your system can void the warranty on your HVAC equipment. That, too, can be very expensive.

Licensed HVAC contractors will warranty their work. Too many people enticed by the low price of unlicensed workers find out the hard way when their system breaks down that not only is there no warranty on the parts or labor, but the one who did the repairs is nowhere to be found. When you need plumbing, heating or cooling repairs, look for a licensed HVAC contractor who has an established presence in the community. They will have a track record of satisfied customers from which you can obtain references to their work.


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