What’s Causing Water Leak in Your Home?

A person pointing to a puddle of water beneath pipes in a wood cabinet

Water leaks can be not only irritating, but seriously damaging. Learning how to find the water leak in your Lubbock, Texas, home quickly and efficiently can help avoid major destruction. We’ve listed the three most common leakage points to help you become more familiar with these issue areas and be aware of where they are in your home.

Broken Seals

Seals are used around water connectors to help prevent leakage and drips where pipes connect to appliances. These are often made of rubber. As time passes, the rubber can start to crack and rot, which can create drips or, in the worst case scenario, full-on gushing leaks. If there is a lot of pressure in the pipes, it can blow past a weak seal and lead to major water damage.

An easy way to note broken seals is if there’s a puddle or an unusual amount of condensation on or around your appliances. Getting rid of the leak as soon as possible is important to help avoid damage and mold.

Damaged Joints

Joints are where a pipe splits or turns. These joints are often the weakest point in the pipe system since they’re a non-continuous portion. Unfortunately, there are joints in almost every section of your house, so staying vigilant is important. If there’s a concern about pipes freezing, be sure to check your pipe joints after the freeze passes — often, this is where you’ll end up with leaks.

Exterior Clogs

Tree roots are a major cause of plumbing issues. Roots are notoriously good at getting into pipes as they seek out water. If you notice a sudden drop in water pressure or standing puddles in your yard, it’s a good sign that you may have roots in your pipes. Hiring a professional is the best way to deal with this issue, as the section of the pipe may have to be removed.

If you’re concerned you may have a leak in your home, call the plumbing professionals at Sinclair at 844-749-COOL (2665) today to set up an appointment to have your pipes looked at!

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