3 Excellent Benefits of Home Automation

A cellphone displaying an efficiency calculator and icons for things that can be controlled with the remote app, such as fan, lamps, coffee maker, washing machine, security camera, and furnace

Home automation is the latest technology upgrade sweeping residents in Abernathy, Texas, as well as throughout the nation. When you automate your home, it’s easier to stay connected and manage efficiency from anywhere at any time. Home automation also comes with a number of benefits for those who welcome this new trend in their homes.

Improved Security

Some of the products that can be part of a more automated home are those designed to keep your home safe from intruders. If you’re not home all day or you won’t return until late at night, use an automation system to turn on the lights at a set time to make it look like the house is occupied.

You can also automate your home security system or install a lock that connects via Bluetooth and is accessible via an app on your mobile device. If you’re worried that your kids forgot to lock the door when they left for school in the morning, simply check the app and lock it from anywhere. Some automation systems offer an alert when anyone enters the home, adding more layers of security when you’re away.

Save Money

Home automation might seem like a futuristic option that will cost a lot, but these additions can actually help save you money in the long run. One good example is upgrading to a smart thermostat, which offers automation for your heating and cooling system. With this type of thermostat, you have more control over the HVAC system from anywhere. If you forgot to adjust the thermostat before you left the house, you can do it remotely, meaning you won’t be heating or cooling an empty house by mistake. 

Although the cost of the smart thermostat is higher than a traditional programmable thermostat, it’s well worth the investment to save energy and money over the life of the unit. Most homeowners who have upgraded to a smart thermostat report savings within the first few months of use.

Better Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another main benefit of home automation. With HVAC automation through a connected thermostat, you can easily reduce energy waste and improve efficiency, which will help save you money. When you first get the smart thermostat, you’ll manage your own comfort settings based on when you’re home and when you’re away. Over time, the unit will track the data and pick up on patterns. When it has enough data, the thermostat can start making automatic adjustments to reduce energy waste without sacrificing your comfort.

Home automation can also help you improve efficiency and reduce energy waste if you connect your home’s lighting. Leaving lights on wastes a lot of electricity, especially if you don’t have LED or other high-efficiency bulbs. With an automated home, it’s easy to adjust the lights or turn them off when you’re away from the house. Some appliances can also be connected through a home automation system, which can help you reduce the amount of energy that’s wasted when you’re not using those units.

Comfortable Atmosphere

The changing seasons in Abernathy can make it tough to know exactly how to program your thermostat for maximum comfort. During the spring and fall months, it’s often cooler in the morning but by afternoon, it’s hot and humid. If you haven’t made changes to the indoor temperature to manage these temperature swings, you’ll probably come home to a hot, uncomfortable house.

With home automation, comfort is much easier to control. Simply adjust the thermostat from your mobile device as the temperature changes, or allow the unit to monitor the outdoor temperature and automatically adjust, based on the current indoor atmosphere. You can also turn on the lights as you’re turning onto your street to make your home feel bright and inviting. When you can control the lights and the HVAC system from your mobile device, it’s much easier to manage comfort and make your home feel safer. 

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