What’s Behind Those Weird Noises From Your Water Pipes?

Plumber investigating noisy pipes

You depend on your home’s plumbing system to carry water into, through, and out of your home. When the pipes carrying water start producing weird noises such as whistling, creaking, and other loud disturbances, tune in to those sounds for clues to what may be causing the problems.

Creaking Pipes

Creaking sounds in your water pipes can occur when hot water flowing through them causes them to suddenly expand as they heat up and contract when they cool again. Expanding pipes can also rub against wooden joists in the floors and walls, producing creaking noises. Wrapping fitted foam insulation around the pipes can help prevent the pipes from changing temperatures too quickly, reducing the creaking sounds.

Water Hammers

When you shut off your water suddenly, and you hear a shock wave–like, hammering noise, you’re experiencing what plumbing professionals call a water hammer. Water hammers occur when water flowing swiftly through the pipes comes to a sudden stop. Properly installed plumbing features air chambers that help to soften or cushion the shock wave.

If you’re having problems with water hammers, the air chambers may be filled with water or clogged with scale or debris from minerals in the water. Correcting water hammers can involve opening the problematic faucet and allowing the water to drain properly or removing the scale buildup.

Whistling Water Pipes

When water passes over deteriorating valves or mineral buildup in your pipes, it can create a whistling sound. First, you must locate the source of the whistling. If it’s a faucet, you might need to have the washer, valve, and valve seats repaired or replaced. We can also help reduce mineral buildup in the pipes as well as check your home’s pressure reducing valve and modify the level of pressure to correct the plumbing problem. If none of these procedures seems to correct the whistling, you may need to contact your local water company for an inspection of your home’s water meter.

When weird water pipe noises and other plumbing problems arise, call our plumbing professionals at Sinclair Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Inc. at (806) 454-9332.

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