Time to Have Your Heating System Checked OutTime to Have Your Heating System Checked Out

School is back in session and the last day of summer is here. The hot temperatures will soon subside and it will start to get cold when the sun goes down. So, before its too late you need to set a time to have your heating system checked out! There are three reasons why this is important before winter hits.

1. Peace of Mind

If you have your system checked out before winter arrives then you will have peace of mind knowing that your system is ready to go, when it counts!

2. Your HVAC system is like a vehicle

Think of your heating system like your vehicle. You get the oil changed in it every 3,000 miles, and you should have your heating system checked every year. Mechanical and electrical components fail in your heating system just like they do in your vehicle, so have your system checked by a professional.

3. When was the last time you looked at your heating system?

In most customers’ homes, the heating system is in the garage or in a closet which makes it easy to forget to check or change filters. Filters need to be replaced often (at least four times a year, and monthly for some homes).

I wanted to remind you that having your system serviced by professionals is very important! Since I feel so strongly about this, I am giving you $20 off to have your system checked. Feel free to use this coupon in order to get peace of mind before winter hits.

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