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What Is The Best Type Of Air Conditioning Filtration System?

The best type of air conditioning filtration system is not cheap but well worth your money. I know this because I purchased one not too long ago. Before moving into my newly built home I had regular 1″ filters installed in order to “save money”. No big deal right? Wrong! This was probably the worst possible filtration system for me to have in my new home. With asthma and bad allergies all of the new construction dust was making me miserable. I thought the dust would settle over time but after 3 years I finally decided enough was enough! I installed a Bryant Perfect Air Purifier and that filtration system has been worth every penny. This system has a MERV 15 rated filter in it which means it can catch a lot of things that the human eye cannot see.

Another great filtration system is American Standards Accuclean filtration system. These two systems are similar but differ in the actual filtration process. However, both perform the same function- they clean the air so you can breath better!

In my opinion the best type of air conditioning filtration system that you can buy needs to have a high rated MERV filter in it, capture and kill technology, and ease of use for the consumer. The Perfect Air Purifier and the Accuclean system both meet these standards and would be great additions to your air conditioning system. Air conditioning filtration is one of the most important aspects of your AC system. Low quality filters are cheap but do not clean the air like a high quality filter does. In my opinion it is better to spend a little more money on a high quality filter so the air you breath will be clean after going through it.

You can check out some pictures of actual filtration installs on our Facebook page. Any thoughts or experience with filtration systems?