Nexia Home Intelligence: Connectivity At Your Fingertips

I am excited to announce a new product line that will help you connect and control your home any time you want! Nexia home intelligence can give you access to several different appliances in your home and even your door locks. You can access your home with iPhone, iPad, Android apps, and any web enabled device (like your PC).

You might be wondering, what does Nexia have to do with HVAC? With the help of American Standard Air Conditioning, Nexia has designed two different thermostats that can be accessed on this system. I am so excited about this new line of products because this gives you the home owner easy access to your HVAC system and an easier way to program it. Along with the ease of accessing your thermostat remotely, Nexia offers other options in managing your home.

Platinum ZV Thermostat

The ZV thermostat (pictured above) has a 7″ display that can easily be seen for those that have problems with seeing the temperature on their existing thermostat. This full color display can also access weather information (with Wi-Fi internet) and can be accessed remotely with your Nexia system. Pictures can also be displayed on the thermostat using an SD card instead of having the temperature displayed.

Door locks

There are two different types of locks that we can offer, the first being the Lever Lock. This lock has a numerical keypad above the lever that enables you to enter a pin number to unlock the door rather than using a key. The coolest feature is that this lock can also be locked and unlocked from your phone or web enabled device! The other lock is a dead bolt lock that also has a keypad above it (pictured above.) You can also activate this dead bolt to be unlocked with your phone or PC. Worried about the locks matching your home decor? No need. The lock comes in three different finishes.

There are more accessories Nexia has to offer but I wanted to briefly introduce the product and encourage you to check back as we highlight even more features of the Nexia home intelligence product line.

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