Do It Yourself: Lubbock HVAC Repairs and Maintenance

With fall right around the corner, now is the time to get your heating system ready for winter. There are three things you can do to get your system ready without the help of a technician, and I thought they would be helpful for those cold nights and mornings.

Clean the inside unit:

This only requires a vacuum, cleaning solution (non-flammable), and cleaning cloth. Take the metal cover off of the heating system so that you can clean it. Gentlyremove as much dust as possible and if you see big chunks of dirt, vacuum it up or throw it away. Lots of dirt on your heating system can play havoc on all of the electrical components, so it is important to keep this part of the system as clean as possible.

Replace the air filter:

This should be done on a monthly basis (with conventional air filter) but I always like to remind people of how important this is. Once a new filter is installed, it can help your HVACsystem run much more efficiently when it gets hot or cold. High quality air filters do not have to be replaced as often but should sill be checked regularly.

Wash the outside unit: (Applicable only if you have a heat pump system)

Locate the outdoor unit and make sure you disconnect the power to it. Take a water hose and turn it all the way on (DO NOT put a spray nozzle on the end). Get the water as close to the aluminum coils as possible and you should start to see dirt flowing on the inside of the unit. This will help the unit breath better and increase the efficiency of the heat-pump. This will also help for the cooling season as well.

These HVACrepairs and maintenance tips can help you be ready when it gets cold. This is not the most efficient way to be prepared for the cold months ahead but it can help. What other things do you do to get ready for the winter?

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