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Why You Should Avoid A Pushy Lubbock HVAC Contractor

Purchasing a new HVAC system is a big investment in your home. Getting prices from different companies can be stressful and you can run into pushy contractors as well. Reputable Lubbock HVAC contractors should not be this way and I wanted to give you some tools on how to tell who the non-reputable companies may be.

1. Do they have an HVAC license?

For those contractors that do not have an HVAC license, this is required by law to be posted on the side of their commercial vehicle. This is important to you as the consumer because those that do not have a license can install the equipment improperly. Then you can end up paying more to fix this is the long run.

2. High Pressure Sales

Like I said in the introduction, purchasing a new HVAC system is a big investment. You should NOT feel pressured into buying a new one but yet given an OPTION on what you would like to do. Lots of consumers get taken advantage of because they feel like they have no other choice or the contractor has lied to them. You do have a choice on who you choose to install equipment in your home. You may want to get another opinion if you feelpressured into buying.

3. Warranty

This word means nothing if the contractor installing the equipment will not stand behind their work. Problems do happen and a reputable contractor should come back and fix the problem if it falls under the warranty that they or the manufacturer provide. Make sure you ask about the warranties that are offered by the company or ask around. You will be able to tell who stands behind their work just by asking your friends or co-workers. Try it, send a message out on Facebook and I promise you will find a contractor that did NOT warranty their work.

Remember these three things and you will be able to make an informed buying decision on your next HVAC purchase. Pushy HVAC contractors are out there and you have the right to say no to them. Have you had any experiences with pushy HVAC contractors?