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Five Air Conditioning Repairs That Can Be Prevented

No one likes the unpleasant surprise of an air conditioning breakdown – especially during a hot Lubbock summer. Some repairs are inevitable — but others may be prevented by some simple maintenance.

Your air conditioning unit is a breeding ground for mold. When it starts to build up, the result is never good. Your unit may release allergens into the home, and the flow of air is compromised. Ultimately, your system could back up completely, leading to a costly repair. You can reduce the risk by keeping up with your air filter replacement (at least once a month) or by installing an air filter gauge to keep you apprised of the system’s status.

programmable thermostats will maintain the optimum temperature in your home automatically. You can even program it to reduce the airflow (only certain thermostats) during the hours you’re away, and cool the house prior to your return. By reducing the number of times you manually switch the motor on and off, you’ll extend its useful life and avoid a possible motor repair.

“It Just Stopped Working”
One day you switch on your air conditioning unit and …nothing. The culprit may be a tripped circuit breaker. Power surges, weather conditions and inadvertent handling may all cause the breaker controlling your AC to click off. You may be able to prevent a repair call by checking this out. Turn your unit off, then locate the appropriate breaker. Switch the breaker from off to on manually, and try your AC again.

Inefficient Performance

refrigerant leak and this will cause bad performance.

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