Basic Tips to Avoid Plumbing Repairs

I’m often asked what people can do to avoid plumbing repairs. Plumbing emergencies–like clogged drains and burst pipes–are never convenient. They always seem to happen at the worst times. If you develop some good habits, though, and you educate the rest of your household to adopt these habits, you’ll be able to avoid many plumbing emergencies.

  • flush your kitchen drain with a few gallons of boiling water to melt away grease and soap that have accumulated.
  • Everyone in your household needs to know where the main water shutoff valve is and how to shut it off. If a pipe bursts or another serious plumbing problem occurs, shut off the valve as soon as possible. Having it labeled will help you when you’re flustered. To prevent plumbing problems while you’re out of town, turn off the main shutoff valve before you leave.
  • Check washing machine hoses. If your washing machine is working properly, you don’t usually think about checking its hoses, but those hoses can become brittle and cracked over time and cause the connections to loosen or become damaged. Make a habit of checking your washing machine hoses when you do your spring cleaning each year to avoid unnecessary plumbing repairs.
  • Frozen pipes can cause flooding and extensive plumbing repairs.
  • Flush only toilet paper/waste down the toilet. Keep a garbage can right next to the toilet for feminine hygiene products and diapers. These products are notorious for clogging drains, especially in older homes that have clay sewer pipes.

These tips will help you avoid potential plumbing repairs at your home or business. Try them out and leave a comment on what your experience was.

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