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Why An Air Conditioning Tune Up Is So Important

I know spring is a busy time for most homeowners. As a homeowner myself, I know spring cleaning and vacation planning can push scheduling an air conditioning tune-up to the bottom of the list.

An air conditioning tune-up, which is preventative maintenance, is not something you should wait to do or forgo. An AC tune-up can prevent you from enduring a heat wave in your home because your AC isn’t working.

There is no doubt about it. AC units usually fail (often times when you need them the most) without any warning for homeowners.

Refrigerant, which is used to cool the air, can become too low because of a leak or problem in the refrigerant system.

Another problem I can detect during a tune-up is a malfunctioning outside fan. You may not even think about the fan’s function, which is responsible for removing the hot air from inside your home, until it stops working. The fan, however, can stop running properly long before it suddenly stops working.

dirty filter or low refrigerant .

A tune-up is also important because it can eliminate any potential fire hazards lurking in the air conditioning unit. For instance, you may use your AC without knowing about its faulty wiring. Bad AC wiring can trip your circuit breaker or stop the unit from receiving enough power to work properly. All are potential fire hazards for your entire property.

Saving money is another reason why anAC tune-up is so important. You can save money by performing preventative maintenance on the unit now and possibly eliminate any future repairs.

So place an AC tune up high on your list of priorities because it is just as important as getting a car tune-up. It can save you money and keep you enjoying the cool weather regardless of the type of high temperature weather Lubbock bestows upon us. Besides, I would rather conduct an AC tune up rather than have you wanting for me to fix your unit during a blazing hot day.