What Is The Right Air Conditioning Thermostat For Me?

We’ve all been through this experience: returning again and again to the thermostat, moving that little dial up and down, trying to guess what setting will keep the house most comfortable. All that adjusting is not only frustrating, it’s also not so great for your heating or air conditioning system – it stresses out the motor.

Is your air conditioning thermostat up to the task? If the unit is more than 15 years old, the answer is likely “no.”

That’s because an older air conditioning thermostat is typically controlled by tiny metal coils that expand or retract according to how hot the room gets. When the coil expands enough, it hits a small tube with a bead of mercury in it. The little switch turns over, activating the AC’s “on” function. When the room gets cool enough, the metal coil retracts, flipping the switch back and turning the unit off.

“Set and forget” convenience
Coil thermostats are kind of an obsolete technology these days. Now you can find an air conditioning thermostat that you can “set and forget.” A programmable unit always keeps your home at its most comfortable level.

Programmable thermostats are shown to save energy by working more efficiently than the old coil method.

  • They’re digital, with bright readouts you can see from across the room
  • They’re intuitive, reading and responding to the indoor temperature much more accurately then the mercury thermostats of yesterday
  • They’re energy-saving – you can program them to provide less AC while you’re at away at work, and get the house cool again just before you get home
  • Some are even wireless, so you can place them anywhere in your house

Stay cool and comfortable this summer
If you’re wondering, “what’s the right air conditioning thermostat for me?,” well, that’s one I hear a lot!

I’m available to help you choose just the right unit – one that will give you years of quality service while saving energy and money. One of the HVAC professionals in my company will come right in your home to check out the way your current AC system works. From there we’ll go over all the options. Our job isn’t finished until you’re satisfied!

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