Helpful Things to Know Before Hiring Unlicensed Lubbock Plumbers

I am always surprised by how unscrupulous, unlicensed plumbers continue to work in Texas. Even with the stringent licensing requirements required by the state of Texas, unlicensed plumbers continue to flood the workforce. Fortunately, with a little knowledge and common sense you’ll find the right plumber to properly complete the job. Here are a few tips:

Homeowner’s insurance. The state of Texas requires licensed plumbers to carry a minimum of $300,000 insurance. By hiring a certified licensed plumber, you know you’re going to get the job done without having to resort to drastic measures (i.e. hire a lawyer and sue) to get mistakes fixed. And, let’s be honest, mistakes happen so skip the cheaper, unlicensed guy and hire that extra piece of mind.

Years of experience. Who would you rather have digging up the pipes in your yard – a guy who shows up with a shovel, a business card and no references or a professional with more than 8000 hours experience and a valid license number on his business card? In Texas, to even qualify to take the licensing exam, plumbers must rack up many years of hands-on training overseen by a licensed plumber. Talk about reassuring! You would hire an experienced or unlicensed electrician so why skimp when hiring a plumber?

Safety first. As Americans, we take clean water for granted. But water-borne diseases do exist and a licensed plumber takes extra precautions to keep waste and debris out of your home’s water system. Also, if your home is on a septic system versus city lines, make sure your plumber is licensed to work on your plumbing. Licensing also make a difference if your job needs to be permitted. In some areas, only licensed plumbers can request permits; don’t have your job red tagged because your plumber wasn’t licensed to do the work.

Take a few extra minutes to research plumbers. It’s easy to check on a company’s licensing by going to the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners web page. Hopefully, this article will save you time, money and sanity. Let me know how your next plumbing project goes.

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